Celebrity Marketing Contracts and Social Media

A celebrity’s endorsement via social media can be a great way to build additional awareness for your marketing campaign.

Many brands are finding celebrity marketing success with social media. Having a celebrity with a huge social media fan base generates lots of conversation and fuels public relations by quickly increasing media impressions.

The key to maximizing social media for celebrity marketing is to plan ahead. 

Brands often seek out only the social celebrities. But, I have a number of personal examples of celebrities with little or no presence in social media that have been utilized with great success. So, you should consider the non-social celebrity if you can negotiate the ability to engage in social media on their behalf.

Here are six additional points to consider as you prepare the celebrity contract:

1. Create a Social Media Plan

To maximize social media, it is always a good idea to create and share a social media plan with the celebrity. This will eliminate any confusion and allow you to gain more concessions.

2. Tweet Strategically

The number of tweets you can ask for from celebrities is shrinking.  There was a time that you could ask for 40 to 50 celebrity tweets over the course of a contract. But that range of tweets is not being accepted anymore by most celebrities. You will need to think more strategically with a limited number of tweets. Quality over quantity.

3.  The Right to Retweet

It is important to write into every contract that you can retweet all of the celebrity’s posts. This may seem like a “no brainer”, yet I see this overlooked often. Going back after the fact can be time-consuming and costly. Secure permission upfront in the contract.

4. No Removal of Posts

Be sure to clarify in your contract that you don’t have to remove posts from social media sites after the term of your contract ends.  If you don’t, you could be asked to remove them later.

5. Secure the Mention

Make sure it is written into the contract that you can mention the celebrity, whether they participate in social media or not.

6. Know the FTC regulations

There are FTC Regulations that you must follow. Such as, all posts must disclose that the celebrity is being compensated.

photo credit: Dustin Diaz via photopin cc


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