Celebrity Marketing: Five Reasons to Add Celebrity Voice-Overs

The incorporation of celebrity voice-overs into your marketing mix can be a winning strategy for your brand.

The use of celebrity voice-overs has grown significantly over the past decade. Consumers tend to have an emotional response to a distinct celebrity’s voice and are drawn in by this marketing tactic.

Here are five reasons why a celebrity voice-over campaign should be considered:  

1. It Ensures Your Brand Remains Center-Stage

Because the celebrity is off-screen, you eliminate the possibility that they will overwhelm your marketing campaign. The brand name is supported and driven home by the unique voice, music and copy.

2. It Makes Commercials Memorable

Celebrities really do grab people’s attention. This is the exactly the reason why animated films are so successful today, because of the use of distinctive celebrity voices.

But, a memorable voice doesn’t have to come from a highly recognizable celebrity. B, C and even D level celebrities have distinctive voices and great ability to alter tone, grabbing people’s attention

The key is for the voice to be memorable.

How many consumers know the actor Dennis Haysbert? He is the voice for Allstate insurance. Even though he wasn’t a household name, Allstate chose to use him because his voice is so distinctive and memorable.

3. One Up the Joneses

Once one of your competitors is using a celebrity voice-over, it creates an opportunity to do it better–much better.

Like the saying goes, “one up the Joneses.”

You can use metrics like E-Poll http://www.epollresearch.com/corp/products/escoreCelebrity.view to identify a celebrity who resonates much more with your target audience, and whose voice ends up helping you take more market share.

4.Cost Effective

Celebrity voiceover provides an opportunity to spend little or a lot and be very successful.

Fees are typically less because the time commitment for the celebrity is less. They can head over to a local studio and be in and out quickly recording the message.

Voice-over is about as easy as it gets for celebrities who excel delivering copy.

Some brands spend one to two million dollars for an A-list celebrity while others spend MUCH less and achieve similar or better results.

5. Empowering the Message

For success, the voice needs to match the campaign theme and tone, making an emotional connection with the consumer.

Distinctive and emotional is a powerful combination.

It is more important for the voice to fit the campaign than for the talent to be famous.

photo credit: B.C. Gouveia. via photopin cc


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