Three Reasons Why Celebrity Marketing Works For Brand Advertising

Hamish Pringle, author of Celebrity Sells, has a playbook to share with brand marketers about celebrities in advertising.

“Brands striving for significant increases in volume, share & distribution have utilized celebrities to meet those objectives”.

Best selling business author and brand expert, Hamish Pringle, is formerly Vice Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi, and now a strategic advisor to brands and agencies. Pringle identifies three macro factors challenging marketers and how celebrities can quickly and positively impact a brand. Pringle explains that,

“Given the power of celebrity and its attractiveness for millions of people, it seems highly likely the role of famous people in promoting companies, products and services will grow and be one of the best ways of securing permission to communicate with customers”.

Here is my synopsis of Pringle’s ‘why celebrities work for brands’:

1. Celebrity and interactivity

  • A celebrity used properly plays a critical role in an integrated campaign and will “provide one of the most powerful pieces of image glue” available.
  • With much more customer ‘pull’ and less manufacturer ‘push’, celebrities’ ability to bridge across all media becomes more important.
  • Media is changing so quickly and a celebrity’s’ versatility helps produce integrated brand communications differentiating from the competition.

2. Celebrity in the era of consent

  • Brands have to work much harder making themselves viable, credible and trustworthy in order to be invited in over thousands of messages bombarding consumers.
  • Pairing your brand with a desirable celebrity is like creating an all access pass to the consumer’s inbox.
  • A celebrity’s image, voice and branding gives a brand multiple options with interactive technology.

3. Fame is the key

  • Celebrities carefully chosen will provide meaningful resonance and positive disposition which leads to ‘subscription’. Perhaps this is why the use of celebrities is one of the more powerful techniques in advertising.
  • The brand must ensure that it achieves high awareness, favorability and likeability. One way of doing this is to associate the brand with another personality in whom the public have confidence and whose opinion they respect.
  • The right celebrity, established with an audience or fan base which is relevant, and who has created an atmosphere of trust around themselves, can give the brand a powerful third-party endorsement and positive halo effect.

Pringle writes:

“Before a product can be bought by anyone, it has first to find a place on a scale of fame. At the very lowest end of this scale is simple awareness. At the highest end is global celebrity”.

A celebrity’s stock and trade is fame. Brands can trade on a consumer’s obsession with celebrities and fame and create more effective advertising.

Click here for more information about Hamish Pringle’s book, Celebrity Sells.


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