A Celebrity Marketing Specialist Can Improve Your Ad Campaign

Celeb Spec.

A specialist is often needed to maximize celebrity driven campaigns.

Working with celebrities, musicians or sports figures for an integrated ad campaign can be difficult. Finding the right talent and negotiating the contract is hard work and takes a great amount of time, but that’s only the initial challenge. There’s a lot that can go wrong once a contract is signed.

It’s helpful to know how celebrity ad campaigns have evolved.

Really Old School 

Twenty years ago, advertising agencies and public relations firms had their ‘turf’. Public Relations’ firms were the newly adopted child at a family reunion, they were family but not really treated like family. Because of the turf battles, I know of times when different celebrities were hired for the same brand. One selected by the brand’s advertising agency and another by its PR firm. The different celebrity personas projected a mixed marketing message to consumers.

Old School 

Over the past decade, agencies and PR firms were working much better together to find the best celebrity for the brand. This helped to create and maintain a more consistent message. But, while brands depended upon the agencies for the selection process, they weren’t comfortable with either negotiating a celebrity’s contract. Brands handled this responsibility but, they often significantly overpaid their talent by not having the expertise to negotiate the best deal based on fair market value.

New School  

Companies now are seeking to add a celebrity agency to their integrated agency team to provide specialization in the areas of strategy, talent identification, contract negotiations and celebrity management.

Selecting the right celebrity for the brand’s campaign is critically important. These specialty agencies have the ability to cast the widest celebrity net possible using advanced technology and tools to find the best fit possible from a large celebrity pool.

Smart brand marketers understand that no agency can be good at everything so they now look for the specialists.

photo credit: Siebbi via photopin cc


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