10 Ways to Use Celebrity Marketing to Help Grow Your Brand

ten tips for celebrity marketing

The most successful celebrity campaigns I’ve worked on have been driven by brand executives seeing an opportunity and acting on it.

Using a celebrity can be a powerful way to take advantage of new opportunities during the marketing cycle and provide a strategic advantage over competitive brands.

If you don’t have much experience in celebrity marketing, it may be helpful to know the variety of ways other brands have used them.

This is my top ten list of ways you can use a celebrity’s help:

  1. Break through the clutter. Using a celebrity marketer opens the door for your key messages to be “pulled” in over thousands of others bombarding consumers.
  2. Build brand awareness. Using a celebrity can shorten the time needed for consumers to become familiar with a new brand. It might take a brand five years to get to where a celebrity endorsement could take it in only one year.
  3. New brand introduction. A celebrity partner will be an assest anywhere and everywhere they go, which means that your brand will be represented as well at all of the exclusive events such as award ceremonies, the red carpet, sporting events and more.
  4. Marketing campaign. Partnering with a celebrity can be a great asset to take your marketing campaign to a whole new level. They can lend instant credibility to a campaign and also provide additional value by leveraging their established fan bases.
  5. New product launch. A celebrity’s endorsement of your product can greatly impact sales. It definitely increases consumer awareness of your brand and provides a differentiation among similar products.
  6. Build credibility. When consumers believe a celebrity uses a product or service, a powerful third-party endorsement creates confidence and respect that is not normally available, providing a strong reason to purchase.
  7. PR events. A cost effective way to deliver key message points. The media love to interact with celebrities because they are just like us. This is a cost effective way to deliver your key points.
  8. Branded content. Branded content is a way for advertisers to let their messages come across in a “not so commercial” way. Using one or more “hot” stars will draw people to content in large numbers quickly.
  9. Creating an emotional connection. There is such a great desire to identify with a celebrity, to drink the same drink, wear the same clothes, drive the same cars, etc. Fans want to be like them and do what they do. There is a strong emotional connection with that celebrity that can be attached to a brand.
  10. Implementing a new brand strategy. According to a new media study, 95% of social-media users believe a company should have a presence in social media. A celebrity fueled social media strategy can greatly amplify your brand’s online presence to reach consumers faster than traditional approaches.

photo credit: Defence Images via photopin cc


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