Celebrity Marketing: Put Your Product in the Hand of A Celebrity

celebrity gifting

If a consumer sees that a celebrity likes your product, it provides instant validation and can catapult sales. 

The terms Influencer Marketing, Gifting, Seeding, Buzz Building and Added Value can sometimes be used interchangeably.  This is an inexpensive way to reach celebrities and market your product.

Here are three ways to snag that coveted celebrity photo with your product:

1. Direct to celebrity gifting

When gifting to celebrities directly it is important to create a strategic and succinct list of those that are truly relevant to your products’ target audience.

A lot of times, packages with a great product get passed over for something else that has more “bling”. It’s important to make sure your package stands out making an immediate impact.

Many “brokers” claim to represent celebrities and are not the exclusive representative. Working with them lessens the chance of your gift getting to your target. Hollywood celebrities typically have an agent, manager, and/or publicist, plus an inner circle of family and friends who filter everything.

Consider using a celebrity gifting service with the connections and leverage to make sure your product arrives in the right hands, along with compelling reasons for the celebrity to see it.

2. Set-up shots

It might be hard to believe (said sarcastically), but not all photos in entertainment publications are impromptu or “real”.

While some images are of celebrities are in their own environment, many celebrity photos that include products are actually taken and coordinated on behalf of a brand.

These are called “Set-up Shots”, and are products ranging from clothing to luxury accessories to CPG products. These staged photos are used for editorial and social media purposes.

The idea behind the photo is that it looks “real” and used as another form of product placement. The end cost ranges from $2,500-$20,000+, depending on the product and the celebrity. But, it is still an affordable way to promote your product with the potential for a great return on your investment.

3.    Lounges and award shows

Almost every major award show has a gifting suite or gift bag.

Lounges are a great execution for brands who want photos for social media, and digital executions. Celebrity gifting is also great for brands which benefit from an in person explanation.

Participating in lounge gifting opportunities allow clients one-on-one interaction with celebrities to deliver brand messaging.

Most lounges are set up in a large room or space where celebrities and influencers are invited to walk around, interact and be gifted by the participating brands.

Depending on the size of the venue and specific event you partner with, each brand will receive either a high round bar table or 3-6’ table. Sometimes, brands will get their own suite in a hotel as well.

The attending celebrity numbers for each lounge can range anywhere from 25 to over 150 people a day.

An entry fee for these opportunities varies from $5000 to $40,000.

Other fees include cost of the product you a gifting to each attendee, as well as the execution fees (agency fees for staffing, PR follow-up and out-of-pocket expenses associated with travel).

photo credit: Rainforest Action Network via photopin cc


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