Celebrity Marketing: Six Tips for Hosting a Celebrity Twitter Party


A Celebrity Twitter Party is a great way for people to connect and promote your brand.

A Twitter Party is a specific period of time during which a celebrity “takes over” your brand’s Twitter handle to socialize and answer questions from fans on behalf of your brand. These events not only allow for direct fan interaction with the celebrity, they can also accelerate your brand’s message to a massive audience within 1-2 hours.

To ensure you get the most out of your celebrity led Twitter Party, here are six tips for managing this social event:

1. Training Pays Big Dividends

Holding a training session with your celebrity before the Twitter party is KEY. You need to know that your celebrity is fully prepared and knowledgeable about your brand. An informed celebrity is a confident celebrity, and one who will be able to successfully deliver your message points.

2. Publicize Ahead of Time

To ensure you gain a significant amount of fan engagement, you must start marketing the event several days before it begins.

Utilizing your various social media channels, your party invitation should include the following:

  • Who (featured celebrity)
  • When (date and time of the party)
  • What (topic/party theme)
  • How (hashtag # to join the party)

Choosing a celebrity who has a large social media presence and following will help enhance your reach. Make the most of their influence by having them tweet or re-tweet from their personal account prior to and during the event.

3. Time the Party to Reach Maximum Fan Base

Planning a later start time, typically late evening, will attract more people across multiple time zones. Setting an event at 6:00pm EST can eliminate participants in the West Coast who are still in their work day.

4. Connect the Party Theme to the Brand Message

For example: If you are a beauty brand; your theme could be Top 10 Beauty Questions. With the topic in place, the celebrity will then make the engagement between your brand and the audience, educational, entertaining and fun.

5. Partnering Expands Promotion of the Party

Partnering with a relevant blogger or media partner can be very helpful. In keeping with the beauty brand example as shown above; teaming up with a well-known beauty blogger to cross promote will increase your number of event participants, as well as grow your consumer base.

6. Monitor the Engagement

Social media platforms, such as TweetReach, will provide an overview that will measure the number tweets, how many accounts your hashtag (#) reached, and who were your top contributors.

Be sure to note the number of social media followers (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) you have before and after the campaign as well as monitor your own website analytics.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc


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