Celebrity Marketing: Social Media Campaigns Beyond Twitter and Facebook


Brand marketers have long relied on celebrity social media campaigns to help engage and grow the brand’s audience via Twitter and Facebook.

As the social media landscape rapidly evolves, brands are finding some successes with some of the newer social channels such as Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat.

Here are a few suggestions for including them in your celebrity marketing mix:


With over one billion photos uploaded by users around the world, brands have identified Instagram as an effective marketing tool that can be easily shared across all of your social media platforms.

“Instagram photos” have a distinct look that seem to ignite an emotional connection and offer followers a peek into your brand’s personality.

While brands create their own Instagram presence, they take to celebrities to help them grow awareness and engage a larger audience.

Celebrity Campaign Example:

Photo Contest: Have the celebrity “take over” your brand’s Instagram account to host a contest. Assign the contest a hashtag (#) asking people to join by submitting photos within the contest guidelines (theme).

Reward Participants: Offer a discount code to purchase your product for those who participate in your celebrity photo contest or for those who comment and like the celebrity endorsed photos.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then use a picture to tell your brand’s story.

Though still considered an under-utilized and untapped branding forum, marketers have taken note that Pinterest boards are actually story boards and the people creating them are the storytellers.

Brands recognize the value of this social media tool and how it can uniquely showcase the lifestyle of their brand.

  • Pinning relevant and powerful images will keep your audience interested
  • Pinning behind the scene images from around your office and of your team members will humanize your brand with your audience
  • Featuring a celebrity will help expand and engage your audience
  • Pinning a promoted video creates a unique opportunity to drive higher performance.

Celebrity Guest-Board Examples:

Fashion brand: Partner with a stylish celebrity to create a board that will feature him/her offering outfit ideas and ensembles using key pieces from the brand’s collection.

Food Brand: Partner with a celebrity chef who will feature various recipes utilizing the brand’s product as their key ingredient.


With its abundance of story sharing, Snapchat gives each user the power of a social media influencer. Snapchat is a social media platform that allows its users to create a 10 second image or video, which then erases following the recipient’s viewing. When done correctly, these very short clips can go viral and reach a huge audience almost immediately.

Brand marketers have quickly realized what a huge asset Snapchat videos can be to their brand’s celebrity marketing campaigns and are utilizing them to build excitement by creatively teasing the public with a very brief sneak peek of what is to come.

Examples of how Brands are using Snapchat:

Discovery: When using the Discover feature on Snapchat, a brand can enter the flow of a user’s viewing with a brief 3-5 second clip. These Discover channels include People, Vogue, ESPN, all having celebrity news that brands can associate themselves with.

One of Snapchat’s strengths is that it provides a more personal and casual look into the life of a celebrity as well as the partnership with the brand they are connected to.

photo credit: Bob Ramsak via photopin cc


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