Scheduling a Celebrity Marketing Campaign

Make sure your Brand’s campaign schedule fits with the celebrity’s schedule before you sign a contract.

Understanding the demands of a celebrity’s schedule and how it could affect your campaign is often overlooked until it’s too late. These potential conflicts will cause a delay in your campaign, making it less effective and wasting valuable time and money.

Here are some tips to help alleviate frustration while coordinating with a celebrity’s schedule:

1. Scheduling the Offer

Start the process early to allow plenty of time for communication and to ensure you have gathered all of the essential information.

Availability: The first step is to speak with the celebrity’s agent to verify that their schedule will allow for coordination within the timeline of your marketing campaign.

Keep in mind, a celebrity is often not in control of their schedule. Their commitment to a sports team, television show or movie filming will dictate availability.

Based on the information you gather from the agent, you can time your offer accordingly.

Give them time: Giving the celebrity and their team time to review and consider your offer before they respond, will increase your chances of an acceptance.

It is crucial for the management team to have enough time to connect and discuss the terms of your offer with the celebrity. Procrastination on your end and not allowing sufficient time is a recipe for a quick no.

2. Scheduling Negotiations

Agents need time too: Agents negotiate for a living and typically resist pressure to move forward or commit too quickly. Be sure to provide plenty of time for review, revisions and negotiations.

It’s not always about the money: Remember, this is not the celebrity’s primary income. Your offer and their engagement in your marketing campaign is secondary and not necessarily needed.

3. Scheduling Filming and Service Days

Athletes and actors have restricted time off due to sport seasons or filming schedules.

Budget for overtime: Weekends are more likely to be available, so be sure to budget for overtime.

Be efficient: Consolidating the shoot materials will help keep the number of service and production days to a minimum. Less days will lower your cost and reduce scheduling headaches that are bound to come with a celebrity who is working.

Confirm: Be clear in your communication to the celebrity’s agent. Discuss availability upfront and confirm key dates (production and service days).

4. Scheduling Approvals

Realistic time frame: The approval timeline is typically determined by the agent and is based on how quickly (or not quickly) they are able to properly communicate and review the materials with the celebrity.

Before you go public: Once the production and service days are complete, the celebrity and their team will need to approve the materials before they are released to the public.

In conclusion, if you are mindful of a celebrity’s schedule and make the whole process easy, most celebrities will go above and beyond for you and your brand.

photo credit: eliazar via photopin cc


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