How to Manage Celebrity Marketing With Your Agencies

managing agencies pic

Establishing who leads celebrity marketing and a clear role for each agency removes barriers which undermine a campaign.

I lead a specialty agency that matches consumer brands with celebrities, as well as music licensing for advertising campaigns and promotions. When the company was founded in 1970, it was the first agency of its kind. Our staff is made up of individuals who possess a great amount of experience and talent related to our specific focus. For instance, one of my partners is an attorney—an expert in celebrity contracts and negotiations. He leads the endorsement division contracting highly compensated celebrities. This unique expertise is rarely housed in a marketing communications agency.

If you are considering a multi-agency approach for a celebrity supported campaign, you should define who is responsible for what and who will lead your team.

A celebrity marketing agency should be limited to its specialty area, as should all of the other agencies involved.

Here are seven rules for keeping your agencies happy and working together, not against one another.

1. Stay in Your Area of Expertise

No agency should feel they must sell themselves as “full service”.

Have the creative agencies handle the creative work, and let the celebrity agency handle celebrity related work.

2. Give Everyone a Seat at the Table

Make sure that all parties involved have their voices heard. Discuss the needs, asks and wants from all sides to ensure everyone is on the same page.

3. Have the Celebrity Agency Provide Research

E-Poll provides the kind of timely celebrity information you need to make a wise choice. It includes a wide range of stats to determine a celebrity’s marketability in regards to your target audience.

Poll the brand team and have agencies add their own recommendations to help the celebrity agency create a list of 3 to 10 celebrity finalists. This way, if the number one choice declines, you can move onto the next immediately.

4. Make the Final Celebrity Selection

While everyone may have a say in the suggestions, the final celebrity selection is left to the brand and/or roster agencies who know the target audience best.

5. Negotiate the Contracts

Fee negotiations need to be left to an expert who has experience creating celebrity contracts with the appropriate protections.

Having a celebrity agency work proactively through the life of the contract saves brands significant time and headaches. Delayed approvals can derail a campaign or create a legal issue.

6. Execute the Campaign

Let the appropriate agencies carry out the campaign. Each agency works in its specialty area. The celebrity agency ensures all campaign deadlines involving the celebrity are met.

7. Have a Representative Present at all Production and Events

Brands and agencies working on site have enough to worry about. Being the “bad guy” is best left to the celebrity agency who has established a relationship with the agent and can mediate disagreements quickly in favor of the client.

photo credit: DEN (Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland) via photopin cc


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