Determine The Best Celebrity For A Marketing Campaign

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When considering a celebrity for a campaign, start the process by reviewing key brand aspects including; objectives, goals and strategies.

With thousands of celebrities available, narrow the list using these ten questions to identify the type of celebrity that fits the campaign.

1.    What is the planned marketing activity (advertising, promotions, trades, etc.) for the next 12-18 months? The different types of marketing activity, advertising role and service days, will in large part determine the celebrity fee. Condensing service days may be necessary to stay within budget.

2.    What is the brand’s positioning and how has it changed recently? A new positioning could signal a larger celebrity role to help break thru the clutter and build awareness quickly.

3.    What are the brand’s advertising strategies? Celebrities focus on the advertising portion of the campaign and may be concerned with how the campaign could change their image. Providing as much upfront information is essential in making them more comfortable.

4.    What are the most important observations/hypotheses/beliefs about the consumer target? Use the most important takeaways and evaluate the celebrity’s scores within these key areas. Focus on their scores in key areas vs the total score, which may be skewed by an attribute (s) unimportant to the target audience.

5.    Is there a secondary target and how relevant is it to this initiative? Having an important secondary target should expedite celebrity selection. A small group of viable candidates will emerge appealing strongly to both targets.

6.    How, and to what degree is your customer and consumer marketing efforts integrated? A celebrity provides one recognizable image across all channels with one voice. The celebrity then becomes the ‘glue’ which holds together an integrated campaign.

7.    Which trends, recent developments, new technologies or factors are effecting the direction of the campaign? A final celebrity choice is usually determined by who is the strongest fit and addresses one or more of these challenges.

8.    What key issues and opportunities are facing the brand in the coming year? Celebrity spokespeople have been effective in many situations including building awareness quickly, increasing sales, and taking share from competitors.

9.    What are the social media goals? Currently, two different approaches are working for brands in celebrity social media. Celebrities with large social media followings and celebrities with no social media presence are both leading campaigns successfully. If the goal is to drive consumers to the brand’s website, consider those who don’t participate in social media. They may even be more effective.

10.  Which brand (s) in your category are currently using celebrities? A great opportunity exists to “one up” competitors hiring a celebrity who is a stronger fit for future purchase. A celebrity who is more likeable, credible, and recognizable will help increase sales and market share at the expense of your competitors.

photo credit: Celestine Chua via photopin cc


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