How to Work with Celebrities at Shoots: Celebrity Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Blog Picture Working With Celebrities

Having a plan before arriving on set will maximize results and minimize challenges.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts


Ask for autographs/pictures mid shoot. Just don’t do it, it’s that simple. Before a shoot, speak with the celebrity’s representative and arrange a photo opportunity for after filming. Most celebrities are happy to sign autographs and take pictures afterward.

Be observant. If the celebrity is clearly in a hurry, a photo op probably won’t be in the cards. Your number one goal is the shoot and that may mean coming home without an autograph for your child.

Overwhelm the set. Resist the urge to invite unnecessary team members to watch the production. Bystanders eager to get a glimpse of the celebrity clog up the set, and make it difficult for the crew to work. Everyone should have a clear role with very little to no overlap or not be there.

Shoot from the sidelines. Everyone on set was hired for a reason; let them do their job. Attempting to micro manage aspects of the shoot will cause frustration and agitate the celebrity and crew.

If you notice something that absolutely needs changing, go through proper channels. Instead of telling the celebrity their performance is off, approach the director/photographer and make some suggestions.

Be a backseat driver only if it is absolutely warranted.


Respect their time. Celebrity’s most valuable commodity is time, and it should be respected. If you have eight hours to film and you get everything finished in seven, wrap early.

Everyone involved with the production benefits when time is used efficiently. Hiring people you trust is crucial to maintaining a tight schedule. This goes for both the celebrity and production teams. In order to be a well-managed set, both sides need to be aligned on timing.

Stick to the script. The devil is in the details. While filming, line delivery tends to deviate from script to get the most natural performance. There are times due to legal and regulatory approvals that the copy must be delivered verbatim. This often happens with advertisements for pharmaceutical/financial companies.

Double-check that all pertinent information made it from the brand’s copywriters to the director. Come postproduction, you’ll be glad you did.

Designate a third party to settle any disputes on set. It can be awkward or uncomfortable for brand marketers to settle a dispute directly with a celebrity.

In most cases, an overprotective agent can be harder to work with than the celebrity.

By designating an agency executive or hiring a talent negotiator to be on site who has celebrity experience, you can play the good cop if necessary and offer a compromise settling an issue and keep things on track.

photo credit: mimosveta via photopin cc


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