Why Do Some Celebrity Marketing Campaigns Perform Badly?  

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Brands who don’t put enough time and thought into pre-planning pay for it later with disappointing results.

Thorough pre-planning alleviates most poor results associated with celebrity campaigns that underperform.

Keep these nine points in mind when pre-planning:

Communication is key.

All brand partners (agencies and internal brand teams alike) should be enlisted to participate in pre-planning discussions if/when the deliverables and key objectives of a celebrity partnership are to be determined.

What do we hope to achieve?

This may seem obvious, but it keeps everyone focused on the big picture. Define the metrics used for success, whether they are sales, conversions, impressions, brand awareness, rebranding, etc.

Who is our target demographic?

This information is vital for selecting the right celebrity. The consumer should determine the celebrity fit, and help shape not only the creative, but also the channels the message will need to be distributed.

What is the messaging that will resonate with the target demographic?

Every team should understand the creative thoroughly so messaging stays consistent across all channels.

What does the campaign program entail?

Identify ahead of time which services are necessary: broadcast, digital, print, social media, PR, point of sale, outdoor, promotions, sweepstakes, etc.

Don’t ‘wing it’ and adjust during the campaign, this saves time and money later on when nothing needs to be added/ renegotiated.

Who is the ideal celebrity and why?

At this point there should be enough information to select a number of celebrities who fit perfectly, regardless of cost.

Write down why they fit and share it with the entire team.

A celebrity marketing best practice is to allocate ten percent of the total marketing spend on the celebrity.  If none of the celebrities are within the scope of the budget, start a larger list of 20+ names.

Vet each candidate for category conflict, availability, interest level and cost.

Create an SOW

Once everyone has been briefed and an appropriate celebrity type has been identified, lay out what is needed to reach your objectives by creating an SOW(statement of work).

Identify a Timeline

While every deal is different, and you cannot pin point an exact timeline for closing a celebrity deal per se, having a set timetable, that is shared with all parties, including legal, will streamline negotiations in the most efficient way possible.

A good rule of thumb is to plan on weeks, not days, to acquire your celebrity.        

Have a Plan B

Marketers often make the mistake of getting their heart set on a single celebrity. From the onset of the creative process, no single celebrity should drive the big idea. Instead, a TYPE of celebrity should be considered.

Marketers sometimes underestimate how much the partnership has to be mutual. Just because a brand wants a specific celebrity does not guarantee the celebrity will want them back.


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  1. Hi Bob,
    Tons of superb ideas and even incredibly lively discussion.
    Consequently good to work with the new approach for social media marketing – communication is cruical you as a way of thanks:)

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