Maximize Your Celebrity Marketing Spend with a Vlogger


Popular YouTube Celebrities (from left to right) Michelle Phan, Troye Sivan, and Bethany Mota

Emotionally connect with your target audience through vloggers.

A vlogger is a blogger who posts video content to the internet on websites like YouTube or Vimeo.

Here are five ways to connect and maximize your investment with vloggers.

1. Dedicated vs. non-dedicated videos

Brands trying to get their product into an influential vlogger’s channel regularly ask for dedicated videos (entire videos focused on their product). This can be problematic for two reasons.

The first is money. A dedicated video is going to be far more expensive than any other type of promotion.

The second is effectiveness. You can get the same messaging across in a different style of endorsement that doesn’t take over an entire video.

The video will get more engagement too, because YouTube viewers tend to avoid videos focused on promotion (this isn’t always the case, but generally users go out of their way to avoid advertising).

Integrating the messaging into a certain segment, or a haul type video (when the vlogger buys/reviews a number of different products from multiple brands) can be just as effective as a dedicated video.

2. Utilizing vlogger’s other mediums ­

Vloggers have influence on networks outside of YouTube, consider them for your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter campaigns as well.

If a user is subscribed to a vlogger’s channel, chances are they probably follow them on social media as well.

If you can’t purchase the amount of video inventory the campaign needs, social media endorsements can help pick up the slack.

Utilizing these cross-promotional activities can be similar in effectiveness to video.

3. Buying in bulk

Developing meaningful collaborations with influential vloggers is a cost effective way of increasing brand equity.

You will get a better deal making a commitment to a vlogger over several videos vs. a one-off, that is of course, if exclusivity is not a factor.

If a vlogger has a special segment for advertising, buy multiple videos worth of that segment.

If each video has different segments, see if any of them could be themed, or if the brand could use some resources to extend a segment in ways the vlogger couldn’t do on their own.

4. Going to vloggers managed directly vs. MCNs

Vloggers, like traditional celebrities, usually have representation. A multi-channel network or similar Internet media company, however, may also represent a Vlogger on top of a traditional talent agent.

These networks can provide brands with a number of things traditional agents cannot, but they come with a larger price tag (upcharges of 30-45%). Their cost is understandably higher to cover management fees and network buys behind the talent.

To save money, go through a vlogger’s talent agent, or find a vlogger that is unrepresented.

5. Creating content for the brand’s channels

Many vloggers will create videos for brands at a lesser fee if the videos are hosted on the brand’s channel vs. their own page.

This method could also work for vloggers who may be hesitant to put branded content onto their YouTube channel, but would be comfortable doing it elsewhere.

This video could be linked to from their social media as well, keeping the promotions away from their content.

photo credits (from left to right):
Michelle Phan photographed by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons
Bethany Mota photographed by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons
Troye Sivan photographed by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons


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