Celebrity Marketing Endorsements Flourishing on Instagram


Celebrity spokespeople help brands tell compelling stories reaching millions of Instagram users; here’s how:

Brands’ use of Instagram as a marketing tool over the last few years has drastically increased. While social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are losing some stamina, mobile apps have gained millions of users and are an effective way for brands to quickly reach their target audiences.

Instagram allows marketers to create content that is different from conventional advertisements and engage audiences in a way that appeals to them. With thousands of celebrities on the app, brand endorsements are very common. Here are some examples of how brands have been using celebrity Instagram accounts to promote their products.


With intense competition in the athletic footwear industry, Puma chose Rihanna to bolster their brand and increase sales. The partnership is displayed heavily on Rihanna’s Instagram page where she posts artsy shots of the line that she created with the brand. With 54.3 million followers, Rihanna is sought after by many brands, and also has endorsements with Chopard Jewelry and Stance socks, both of which are displayed beautifully on her Instagram.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson–Under Armour

With his 87.1 million Instagram following and image of physical strength and fitness, The Rock is a great partner for Under Armour. The partnership was initially announced in fall 2015 and since has been frequently depicted on The Rock’s Instagram account. He often posts pictures of himself working out with an Under Armour logo visibly on his clothes, as well as photos of pieces from his custom line.                     

Instagram Celebrities

Similar to YouTube, Instagram has its own group of famous users who draw millions of followers. Fashion and lifestyle accounts are prominent on the social media outlet, and brands have taken advantage of that. Brands such as Urban Decay and Dior have partnered with the Instagram beauty influencer Chrisspy to promote their products.

photo credit: celebrityabc via flickr



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