Celebrity Facebook Pages Outperform Brand Pages for Celebrity Marketing

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Celebrity Facebook pages are better than brand pages for breaking thru the clutter and meeting objectives. Here’s how:

While other mediums of social media have their own advantages for celebrity marketing, such as Snapchat “stories” short, fun clips and YouTube’s creation of celebrity Vloggers, Facebook is still a successful platform to promote brands and products. Within Facebook, there are multiple options that allow companies to show up on consumers’ walls. These include purchased advertisements that are placed on users’ sidebars, company “pages” that users follow and other user accounts that post content that talks about or links back to brands.

Between these choices, celebrities who promote brands on their personal accounts are proven to have the most success for celebrity marketing on Facebook. Celebrity Facebook pages are some of the highest “liked” pages and profiles on the website. Some examples include soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo with 103,388,677 likes, Shakira with 100,527,018 likes, Vin Diesel with 92,880, 808 likes and Eminem with 91,985, 669 likes. All of these celebrities have more likes on their accounts than Coca-Cola, which comes in short at 90,670,206 likes.

Beyond the act of users liking the brand or celebrity page, user involvement is also a critical aspect to consider. Only 1% of an average firm’s Facebook followers show any engagement with the brand’s page through liking, commenting or sharing their messages, according to a research paper posted by the Social Science Research Network. By comparing likes on celebrity posts versus posts on brand pages, it is clear that more user involvement occurs on celebrity accounts. The research paper’s co-authors; Dokyun Lee, Kartik Hosanagar and Harikesh S. Nair, found that photos posted by pages categorized as “celebrity” had an average of over 500 likes per photo, whereas likes on photos posted on “consumer product” pages averaged about 45.

Average likes

More specifically, this advantage can be seen while comparing celebrity marketing posts on the two different types of pages. Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors basketball player and 2015 NBA MVP, is an endorser for ZAMST, a high-performance sports protective equipment company. Curry posted a picture of an advertisement he did for ZAMST athletic braces to his Facebook page on April 1 and received 31,515 likes. In comparison, ZAMST posted the same exact photo of the Stephen Curry advertisement to their company Facebook page on May 5 and only received five likes.


We are so proud of our sponsored athlete Stephen Curry! A huge congratulations for being named NBA’s MVP!

Posted by ZAMST on Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Checkout ZAMST for premium athletic bracing

Posted by Stephen Curry on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It is not only beneficial to use celebrity social media accounts in general, but it is more effective to specifically use Facebook celebrity pages. This is because Facebook pages and profiles have a significantly larger number of followers than competing social media platforms such as Google+ and Twitter, according to a report by BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s technology research service.


All Facebook page statistics gathered on June 1, 2015
charts courtesy: http://www.ssrn.com and businessinsider.com
photo credit: http://photopin.com


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