How to Incorporate Celebrity Marketing into a Brand’s Mobile App


Three clever ways celebrities can increase an app’s popularity and credibility.

Since 2016, mobile and tablet internet usage has surpassed desktop internet usage for the first time in history, according to web analytics firm StatCounter. There is no hiding that using mobile applications has become a typical part of our daily routine.

Mobile applications can build brand awareness and consumer engagement if they are professionally built and practical to use. As another form of marketing, mobile apps pose an opportunity for celebrity endorsements.

Below are three strategies to creatively incorporate celebrities into a brand’s mobile app.

Celebrity voice overs: Voice overs are a classic tactic for traditional commercials that can also be successful on mobile apps. Celebrity voice overs are a less expensive option for celebrity marketing, and if done with a recognizable person, they can be just as effective.

The mobile app navigation system Waze has partnered with multiple celebrities to voice directions. A new partnership was announced in early May 2017 with Mr. T. Waze has also partnered with other celebrities around the time of their movie releases. Kevin Hart provided voiceovers for the brand in 2013 for the promotion of his then upcoming film “Ride Along.” Arnold Schwarzenegger, acting as The Terminator, produced voice directions for Waze in 2015.

Celebrity branded apps or contribution: For many celebrity marketing campaigns, a company will be looking for a specific “type” of celebrity that fits with the product. For example, if a celebrity who suffers from diabetes is the spokesperson for diabetic medicine, it gives the endorsement more credibility.

This strategic partnership can work well for apps too. By having a celebrity pair with an app it will not only draw their fans in, but also convince skeptics that experts support the company. The music streaming service/app Tidal is backed by multiple celebrities. Jay-Z bought the app from its parent company in 2015 and has since garnered the support of many other big name artists to endorse the app. Celebrities including Rihanna, Calvin Harris and Usher have all shown support for the service on their social accounts.

Celebrities using the brand’s application: In a way, this is almost similar to celebrity gifting. If the public sees a celebrity wearing a new shoe brand then the celebrity is influencing their fans to go out and buy those shoes. If a celebrity is seen using a mobile application, then their fans will be prompted to download it and try it out themselves.

The transportation service and app Uber has had celebrities tweet about their use of and support for the brand. Kate Upton, Ashton Kutcher and Neil Patrick Harris have all promoted Uber on their social channels.  Another app that has been used by celebrities is B.J. Novack’s app “” Celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Lena Dunham, and Mindy Kaling all helped the app launch successfully by being some of the first to start accounts.

photo credit: Dijoantonycj via


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