Celebrity Marketing on Snapchat


Snapchat is on track to grow its users, which means brands should no longer ignore this social media platform.

On the surface, Snapchat may look just like any other messaging app. But the platform has proven its longevity, exceeding Twitter’s daily active users with 150 million. Snapchat stands out for its short-lived messages and highly visual, constantly evolving interface. Extras such as filters, emojis and drawing tools add a creative element to typical messaging, injecting fun into social sharing. The ever-growing popularity of the app makes it the perfect place for creative marketing, especially with celebrities.

One way brands can use Snapchat is by giving their account to a celebrity for promotion. Celebrity “takeovers” often occur during photo shoots, events or product launches, and can help drive the celebrity’s followers to the brand’s Snapchat account. For example, McDonalds featured athletes Lebron James, Richard Sherman and Johnny Manziel on their Snapchat story to announce a new menu item in 2014. Wet Seal similarly handed their account to a beauty vlogger for two days, gaining them 9,000 new Snapchat followers. This type of celebrity marketing is a great way to draw on a celebrity’s fan base and gain more attention and followers for the brand’s account.

Another way to use celebrities on Snapchat, similar to many other social media platforms, is through product placement. While this form of celebrity marketing doesn’t necessarily gain any more followers for the brand, product placement on Snapchat has the opportunity to reach a larger audience. For example, Yoplait sent out tweets using #yoplaitinthekitchen to multiple celebrities, including actress Ashley Benson, influencer Branden Harvey and actor Josh Peck, challenging them to make something on Snapchat using their product. Anyone following these celebrities on Snapchat was able to see the product, and the brand had the opportunity to reach a large number of potential customers.

Many brands are using the short-lived nature of Snapchat to reveal exclusive content to its followers. Adidas recently launched its own Snapchat account, using Pharrell as he revealed his new collection with the brand. This content was published solely on Snapchat in real-time, which caused fans to flock to the new account to see the content. The fact that a photo or video on Snapchat will run out in 24 hours creates a sense of urgency, compelling people to follow and see exclusive content before it is released on any other platform. Plus, a user must be following the account in order to see its content, which makes Snapchat a great place to release it.

There are many different ways for brands to use Snapchat, and its current growth only shows how important it is becoming for marketing. If your brand is looking for a creative and fun way to use celebrity marketing, whether it’s for promotion, product placement, contests or exclusive content, Snapchat is a great platform to try.

Photo credit: Google images


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