Celebrity Marketing and Negotiations: Phase Two


Conducting extensive research determines your campaign’s fate.

Upon completion of Phase One, the second step of the Burns Method involves conducting research on potential celebrity spokespeople and creating a list of recommendations that fit the brand. Through channels such as the Burns Celebrity Vault, E-Poll Market Research, general industry expertise and more, we are able to generate all the best candidates in addition to identifying those who may not be the best overall fit.

The first component of the research phase involves identifying a number of potential celebrity candidates based on factors related to the campaign. Some factors considered during this step would be:

  1. What is the creative messaging of the campaign?
  2. Who would fit within the specifications?
  3. Who is the brand’s ideal celebrity candidate?
  4. What criteria is the brand looking for in a celebrity?
  5. Who does the target audience relate to?

The second step of the research phase is eliminating celebrities that would not fit based on a variety of factors. Using insider industry knowledge, the Burns Celebrity Vault, E-Poll market research, social media numbers and more, we are able to analyze the potential celebrities and narrow the list. During this step we consider things such as:

  1. Any conflicts with the potential date of execution?
  2. An existing or recent partnership with a competitive product?
  3. Is the talent’s team difficult to work with?
  4. Could the product be controversial in nature, therefore unappealing to the talent?

Once the list of potential celebrity candidates has been analyzed, the client is provided with a list of detailed recommendations on appropriate talent for the campaign. The list may be as little as a few candidates or as high as 100, based upon the client’s needs. Within each group, we highly recommend one to three candidates. Information provided can include talent biographies, upcoming projects, knowledge of the talent’s staff, talent’s likes and dislikes, travel requirements, scheduling conflicts and charitable ties. The client and agencies will also be made aware of all cross promotion opportunities such as tours, albums, new shows, movies, product placement and more.

After the client has received our list of recommendations, it is up to them to choose the right celebrity partner. Some factors to consider would be:

  1. Is the celebrity believable?
  2. Is he / she overexposed?
  3. Will this celebrity achieve the key objectives?
  4. Will their “celebrity” overshadow the brand?
  5. Can the celebrity provide added value?

The research and recommendation phase is important to make sure all potential options are considered, and that every celebrity is evaluated for any potential conflict. Once we have come up with a list of celebrity candidates, the client can choose the right fit and we can move on to the third phase of the celebrity marketing and negotiation process: contracting and negotiations.

photo credit: flickr.com




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