Celebrity Marketing: How YouTube Originals Revive Google’s Ad Credibility

youtube originals

In times of unexpected ad crisis, it is very easy for brands to jump ship.

Following the Google ad crisis in which YouTube published ads next to extremist content, many brands quickly abandoned the popular streaming channel. Blue chip brands such as AT&T, Verizon, and Pepsi immediately froze their YouTube ad spend in response to Google’s negligence.

However, following YouTube’s initiative offering third-party brand safety tools, the hope is that many of their premier ad spenders will return as loyal clients.

With the push to regain trust, YouTube’s Brandcast event unveiled exciting opportunities for advertisers–seven new star-studded ad-sponsored shows. Considering these shows will be ad-sponsored, the shows will be free to viewers, intentionally designed to break the mold of other streaming services like Hulu and Netflix.

These ad-sponsored YouTube originals are backed by some of the biggest celebrity names including Kevin Hart, Demi Lovato, and Ellen DeGeneres. YouTubers Rhett and Link and Slow Mo Guys will be getting their own shows as well, tailored to their already strong following on the platform.

Katy Perry is reported to be airing a live YouTube concert on the eve of her latest album debut and Ryan Seacrest is producing a show hosted by Ludacris called Best.Cover.Ever. These new shows will contribute to the theme of generating “can’t-miss” content that YouTube is pushing to attract viewers.

Celebrities are backing YouTube’s initiative, and advocating the streaming channel as well. James Corden, host of CBS’s “The Late Late Show”, attributes much of his show’s success to its YouTube exposure. Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” segment with Adele was the most-viral video on YouTube in 2016. His personal brand is vastly recognized and appreciated thanks to YouTube.

“I realized I didn’t have to make a show for any time slot because we had the internet — and more than that, we had YouTube,” Corden said.

Personal celebrity testimonials are extremely powerful, and show the platform is equally valuable for content creators, viewers, and brands who sponsor content.

With nearly 40 original shows set to air, the hope that purchase of Google Preferred, YouTube’s program for advertising on its most engaged videos, will increase substantially. YouTube is confident brands, that purchase these original programs, will be big buyers of Google Preferred.

Advertisers now have the opportunity to place product, purchase original shows and distribution expansion to YouTube TV.

New revenue opportunities backed by popular celebrities, can regain trust and restore integrity.

photo credit: https://i.vimeocdn.com


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