Identifying Trustworthy Celebrities For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Trustworthy Post

Brands utilize E-Poll Market Research to pinpoint the celebrity who will achieve the desired level of trust connected to their target audience.

Trustworthiness is essential to any successful marketing campaign. As brands strive to create strong emotional connections with their audience, they frequently partner with celebrities who match the brand’s authentic and credible character.

However, identifying that best-fit, trustworthy celebrity can be a challenge. In an effort to help brands find their best celebrity fit, they use E-Poll Market Research to identify and match trustworthy celebrities.

E-Poll generates E-Scores, quantitative and qualitative data from consumers that determine the marketability of any given celebrity. Comprised of awareness and appeal ratings, E-Scores are essentially a percentage comparing various celebrities to one another.

Beyond awareness and appeal, E-Score offers an attribute feature, in which respondents are given 46 attributes and asked to select any/all that relate to that specific celebrity. The attributes selected are usually those that respondents feel most embody the celebrity.

E-Poll creates a comprehensive graph that compares attributes of individual celebrities to the entire pool of celebrities. This valuable tool provides a snapshot of how the audience perceives the attributes of targeted celebrities.

A quick way to discover some of the most trusted celebrities is by searching exclusively for their attributes listed on E-Poll.

Each of the 8,500+ celebrities listed in E-Poll’s database are ranked by individual attributes, such as trustworthiness. Ellen DeGeneres ranks highly as one of the most trusted female celebrities on E-Poll.

Other celebrities highly ranked include: Morgan Freeman, Tom Hanks and Betty White.

Some of the other 46 attributes include:

  • Activist
  • Good Listener
  • Stylish
  • Emotional
  • Distinctive Voice
  • Trend-Setter
  • Influential
  • Physically Fit
  • Unique

It is these attributes that guide brands to select the celebrity that best matches their corporate goals and target audience. E-Poll analytics allow brands to confirm that their desired attributes match that of the celebrities under consideration.

Within each specific attribute category, E-Poll can identify trends. In the case of Ellen DeGeneres, her level of trustworthiness has tripled in 15 years.  Ultimately, this feature helps to illustrate a celebrity’s growth or decline within any specific attribute.

Another way to pinpoint and compare the best celebrity fit is to filter the awareness and appeal scores. Filters may include, but are not limited to, age, demographics, gender demographics, socioeconomic status and ethnicity. If a brand’s target demographic is women between the ages of 18 and 35, E-Poll research can determine the awareness and appeal of a celebrity within that particular demographic.

E-Scores are a numerical confirmation that a brand is choosing the best and most trustworthy celebrity for their campaign. Beyond reaffirming a brand’s gut instinct, E-Scores offer a current sampling of audience beliefs. It is an efficient and reliable way for brands to identify the trustworthy celebrities who best represent their objectives.

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