Celebrity Marketing: How Much Does a Celebrity Tweet Cost?

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Understanding the cost and the “fair market value” of celebrity tweets will help avoid overpaying.

Like all celebrity endorsements, fees for celebrity tweets vary based on the popularity of the celebrity as well as the celebrity agent’s perception of the fair market value.

Here are a few things to consider before negotiating a contract:

Fee Ranges for Celebrity Tweets

Non-exclusive fees per tweet can range from:

  • $5,000-$20,000 for lower-tier celebrities
  • $20,000-$40,000 for mid-tier celebrities
  • $40,000-$60,000 for upper-tier celebrities

Fees will significantly increase if exclusivity in the brand’s category is required. These numbers can vary a lot and not every celebrity and campaign will fall within these ranges. With smaller influencers becoming more popular, the different fee brackets are becoming even less static.

Celebrity fees for paid tweets are based on several factors such as:

Number of Tweets

Some deals involve a single tweet, while other campaigns include multiple tweets over an extended period of time. Bundling multiple tweets (wrapping 2-3 together over a certain duration) will create a per tweet cost savings. The rule of thumb is 2-3 tweets bundled together but be sure to initially ask for 3-6 tweets.


If the brand is asking to be the only brand within the category the celebrity promotes for a period of time, the fees will be higher. If the brand doesn’t ask the celebrity to limit their association with other brands, the fees may be lower. However, if a non-exclusive agreement with a brand will discourage other brands from partnering with the celebrity, their agent could use that as leverage and negotiate a higher price.

Celebrity Interest

If a celebrity has a personal or professional interest in a cause or brand, they will occasionally be willing to accept lower pay. For example, if a skin care brand reaches out to a celebrity who has struggled with acne, they may feel more inclined to work with the brand because the issue associated with the brand personally resonates with them.

The Agent’s Perception of Fair Market Price

Agents understand the power of utilizing their client’s fan base through Twitter, and recognize that millions of followers look to the celebrity’s lead in terms of fashion, trends, products, home goods, food/bev, etc.

Agents are mindful that too many branded tweets can distance their client’s followers and are careful to make sure their client does not come off as the constant spokesperson.

Brands Paying More for Celebrity Social Media Endorsement

Social celebrity endorsement campaigns allow for quality over quantity with an engaged target audience. Brands are paying more per tweet, yet building more awareness. It is a worthwhile investment, considering the cost of a tweet versus traditional advertising and public relations efforts.

photo credit: mag3737 via photopin cc


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