Will A Celebrity Help Market Your Brand?

Celebrities help brands grow when you have proper fit, timing and campaign execution.

The use of a celebrity isn’t a “cure all” but it can complement a creative, well executed advertising campaign breaking through the clutter, and impacting the bottom line.

Successful celebrity campaigns often include six key criteria:

  1. A tight fit with a brand’s equity and strategy
  2. The celebrity relates well to the target audience, is believable and inspirational
  3.  There is a brand communication strategy/idea/platform already in place
  4. The ability to garner PR buzz and talk-ability because of the celebrity’s “book-ability” with specific media outlets
  5. 360 “Leverage-ability” through PR, trade/consumer publications, promotions, advertising, digital and social media
  6. An adequate budget for celebrity

Each brand will have its own set of criteria based upon its unique attributes. The key is to ensure using criteria that will not damage the company’s corporate reputation.

Below are examples of successful brand building campaigns which feature a celebrity from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA):

  • Increase in Sales: Initial target of the Dairy Council United Kingdom campaign was 63 million liters after 18 months. Actual additional sales from celebrity campaign was 266 million liters after 18 months
  • Actual Return on Investment (Sales vs. Spend): Domino’s Pizza spent 2.4 million dollars acquiring rights to the Simpsons which generated sales in excess of 12.7 million dollars
  • ROI vs Category: Walkers, a snack food manufacturer, delivered 1.7 in revenue ROI, building to 5.10 in the long-term through repeat sales, and showed an ROI 7 times higher than the category average featuring soccer star, Gary Lineker
  • Return vs. Previous Ad Campaigns: Sainsbury’s, a grocery store chain, found their Jamie Oliver celebrity ad to be 65% more efficient than any previous Sainsbury’s advertising modeled
  • Increase in Market Share: Reebok volume increased by 282% in the United Kingdom market where competitors grew 73% using multiple sports celebrities
  • Increase in Profit: At year-end following a Kate Moss Campaign, Rimmel, a cosmetic manufacturer in Europe, saw profits increase 25%

Successful celebrity campaigns are a mix of long-range planning (almost a year or more in advance) and developments outside the planning cycle. Three triggers can create an opportunity for using a celebrity mid-year:

  1. A big idea materializes
  2. There was a changing business goal or need
  3. Something happened to a particular celebrity that “made them hot” and appropriate for the brand

photo credit: chrisjohnbeckett via photopin cc


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