Choose the Right Vlogger for Celebrity Marketing Campaigns


Understanding a vlogger’s channel is the key to effectively reaching their audience.  

Vlogger is the combination of the words video and blogger. A vlogger communicates to their audience using video instead of a format like the one you’re reading now. Brands yet to utilize online influencers should follow three steps to find the right personality.

1. Study the Content

Find a range of influential vloggers and examine their catalog of videos. Most successful vloggers are consistent with content and follow a specific format. Many have multiple segments within a video, such as live questions from twitter, collaborations with other vloggers, product demos, and reviews.

Has the vlogger you are considering promoted brands in any of their videos? Is there an opportunity in any of their videos for your brand? Do they have collaborators who would also be useful getting your brand message out? Do they have dedicated videos on their channel, or do they only incorporate brands into videos with multiple brands?

Thoroughly understanding their channel will help the creative process so you can approach the vlogger with a number of options.

2. Measure Audience Engagement

Investigate how engaged the user’s audience is with the channel. Read over the comment sections, the number of thumbs up, types of YouTube tags, and other channels the vlogger comments on. Try and understand the demographic to be absolutely certain they are a fit for your brand.

It’s also important to understand the audience is particularly savvy at identifying content that feels anything less than 100% authentic. They know when vlogger’s content is overly branded and react accordingly with comments calling out the vlogger.

In extreme cases the audience may abandon the vlogger’s channel, forever associating your brand with its demise. You’re paying this vlogger to strengthen your brand image, not erode it.

Although brands should avoid being overly intrusive, this doesn’t mean they have to hide product within the video. YouTube viewers accept the role of advertising within channels as long as it’s done in a creative fashion and doesn’t compromise the integrity of their vloggers channel.

3. Think Outside the Box

In some cases a vlogger might be the perfect spokesperson for a brand, but their channel just isn’t suitable for branded content.

Just because their channel is unavailable doesn’t mean there aren’t other options. The vlogger might work well in a brand’s commercial, at a sponsored event, or would feel more comfortable promoting over other social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr).

Some forms of promotion don’t even require an online presence. There are many events currently celebrating the explosive popularity of famous vloggers like VidCon, a convention dedicated to YouTube personalities. In 2017, the event was sponsored by a number of high profile brands such as Snickers, Taco Bell and Adobe.

These once niche internet personalities are increasingly mainstream, and brands have a unique opportunity to leverage this new celebrity medium.

photo credit: AllThingsHairUS/Unilever via YouTube (Disclosure: Unilever is a Burns Client)


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