Dancing with the Stars Launches Super Bowl Celebrity Marketing Commercials


Revealing a celebrity’s charisma is the “x-factor” for endorsement deals

Over the last 10 years, Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) has been a launching pad for celebrities and athletes who may not receive a lot of face time and thrusting them into the spotlight. Former athletes are able to showcase their personality and charisma outside of sporting events to millions of viewers on a weekly basis. Recently, three DWTS alums made appearances in 2015 Super Bowl commercials, building off of the persona they have created on the dance floor.

Jerry Rice

Jerry Rice, one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history, appeared on Season 2 of Dancing with the Stars, where he quickly became a crowd favorite and eventually placed second. While his on-field personality was cool and collected, on Dancing with the Stars, Rice showed off his comedic side in “DanceCenter” skits with Kenny Mayne and Len Goodman, and ultimately became known for his goofy, fun-loving, and relatable personality.  During the Super Bowl, Rice showed viewers his persona in Avocados from Mexico’s “First Draft Ever” commercial where he appeared as a judge, as well as host of the “Tortoise vs. The Hare” race in the Mercedes-Benz commercial.

Amy Purdy

Dancing with the Stars also helped Paralympic medalist, Amy Purdy, increase her celebrity status. Purdy was a finalist during Season 18 of DWTS, and the first double-amputee to appear on the show. While audience members knew her as a snowboarder during the Sochi games, her role on DWTS helped viewers see her likable personality. Since the show aired, Purdy has gone on to appear on shows such as The Price is Right, and in commercials for Pfizer, Element, and Freedom Innovators. She recently appeared in the Toyota Camry “How Great I Am” Super Bowl ad, showcasing her many skills from mountain biking to ballroom dancing.

Emmitt Smith

Emmitt Smith, a Hall of Fame former NFL running back, was the season 3 winner of Dancing with the Stars. While Smith is known in the sports world as one of the greatest running backs in NFL history, he quickly gained a reputation for his impressive moves on the dance floor. Although Smith is well-known as an all-time great on the field, his visibility greatly increased as millions of viewers now know him from DWTS, and his celebrity status is now more prominent than ever. During the 2015 Super Bowl, Smith made a satirical appearance as the owner of a BBQ themed restaurant in the Wix.com commercial.

photo credit: thespish.com


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