Celebrity Marketing: Social Media Stars from the Webby Awards 2017

The Webby Awards annually celebrates the best the internet has to offer, spanning hundreds of categories in six unique fields – Websites, Social, Film & Video, Mobile Sites & Apps, Podcasts & Digital Audio, and Advertising, Media, & PR.

Each category has two winners – one chosen by a body of industry experts and technology innovators, and the other by the voting public. These winners represent some of the best creators on the Internet today. The Webby Award stars are a great pool of talent to find premier social media influencers for a celebrity marketing campaign.

The social influencer landscape changes daily, which is why we’ve updated our 2016 list.

Here are some of the Webby stars you need to know in 2017:

  • Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight, identical twin fashion vloggers, won the People’s Voice for Best Celebrity/Fan for their YouTube channel BrooklynAndBailey, which owns over 4.5 million subscribers. A high percentage of their YouTube comments gush over their eyes and mascara, pushing the 16-year-old girls to possibly partner with a makeup brand or begin their own makeup line.
  • Claudia Oshry is the envy of anyone who does anything – literally. Oshry is a 2017 Webby nominee for the social media category “Weird” for her wildly popular Instagram handle @girlwithnojob. Oshry, who is unemployed, takes to her Instagram to post what she calls “relatable humor”, posting pop culture memes to engage her 2.8 million following. Captain Morgan has already taken a liking to Oshry’s high engagement, and was able to draw 4,000 people to a Las Vegas event simply because Oshry was their host.
  • Hank Green took home the honors of People’s Voice Science & Education (Channels and Networks) winner thanks to his daily YouTube series SciShow. The show’s mission is to make science applicable and interesting. The channel has 4.6 million subscribers and is largely due to the fact that SciShow listens to its following. The videos posted on Tuesdays and Saturdays directly answer fan questions, giving avid viewers a reason to residually visit the channel.
  • Corinne Leigh, an eccentric YouTuber, is best known for her lifestyle DIY channel ThreadBanger. Corrine, alongside her husband Rob, are winners of the People’s Voice Film & Video Best Web Personality. Corinne and Rob are constantly posting content revolving around baking and science. Recently, the duo posted a video that revived the short lived Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, gaining 1.6 million views in under four days.
  • Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton are the winners of the Interview/Talk Show (Podcasts & Digital Audio) Webby for their booze infused podcast, Another Round. This Buzzfeed couple covers everything from race, gender and pop culture to squirrels, mangoes, and bad jokes. Nigatu and Clayton have the knack to get their guests to open up about hot button topics and then end their talks by getting their guests a round of drinks.

This year’s Webby bunch is a great place to find top tier creators and YouTube channels that are transforming the traditional celebrity endorsement landscape.

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Sporting Event Advertising Fuels Celebrity Marketing


Three benefits of advertising during sporting events.

While it comes as no surprise that many Americans enjoy watching sports; it may come as a shock just how popular they really are.

According to ESPN, NFL is the most popular sport in America for the 30th year in a row. In an Adweek/Harris poll almost two thirds of U.S. adults say they currently watch NFL football.

The Super bowl is the most watched sporting event and this year the 2015 Super Bowl set new broadcasting records. The International Business Times said, “The 2015 Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks set a new mark, averaging 114.4 million viewers per minute on NBC’s Sunday night broadcast, becoming the most watched event in American TV history”.

Advertising during sporting events can be expensive but it is well worth it. There are many advantages to advertising during sporting events that you will not get during other programs. Television stations charge much more to advertise during sporting events because campaigns broadcasted during these events are successful at reaching consumers.

It also won’t hurt if the advertisement includes an athlete. Having an athlete as a spokesperson can increase sales, awareness and help to make the advertisement more memorable.

  1. Advertisers invest billions annually-According to Kentar Media, 37% of all advertising spending on broadcast TV is on sports. Kentar Media estimates, “sports programming in 2014-15 generated $8.47 billion in advertising sales for ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox”.
  2. Live audience –Live audience is a large reason why advertising during sporting events can be so expensive. It is one of the only programs people watch in real time. With DVR, Netflix and Hulu becoming so popular it has become increasingly difficult to reach consumers by television commercials. But, this is not the case for sporting events. According to Harris Interactive, eight in ten Americans say they never record televised sporting events (79%). People want to watch sports while they’re happening.
  3. Huge reach – NFL games alone accounted for 45 of last season’s 50 most-watched broadcasts. People are watching sporting events more than any other programs. This is where advertisers want to be-you can reach millions of people during just one 30 second spot.

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Super Bowl Celebrity Marketing – One Up Your Competitors

superbowl picture

Signing a celebrity early is a huge edge over competitors who wait and risk settling for second or third choice.

Push Your Agency to Work Ahead

The day after the Super Bowl is the best time to start planning–when consumer reaction is fresh. Ask yourself: How can we do it better? How can we differentiate?

The big idea needs to come as early as possible and be unique. Celebrities will build awareness and help bring it to life.

Create the Ultimate Celebrity Wish List

Ask yourself: who would be your ideal celebrity and why?

Have fun and don’t worry about budget yet. Creating a list should be straightforward given a small number of recognizable stars fit a Super Bowl campaign.

Use Metrics to Help Make Your Decision

I highly recommend E-Poll Market Research and their E-Score Celebrity tool. It’s a database of 6,000 plus celebrities, athletes and newsmakers, that offers an in-depth look at the key drivers of celebrity appeal. The celebrity scores are updated regularly.

Narrow your list to a final group of 3-5 celebrities with E-Score Celebrity. You’ll be surprised how your target audience selections vary from yours.

Research Category Conflicts and Past Super Bowl Ads

Eliminate celebrities with a conflict or have previously worked for a direct competitor within the last two years. Celebrity Endorsement Ads is a great resource to search for such conflicts.

Before making your offer, ask the agent about any potential conflicts. There may be a deal in the works and if so you’ve saved valuable time.

Make the First Offer

Be proactive. Be aggressive. Take your chosen celebrity “off the market” away from your competitors months before the big game.

Allow More Time for Multiple Celebrities

Multiple celebrities will multiply your time so make sure to begin early. Several agents will be involved, along with managers and publicists.

You may want to create a “favored nations” deal where each celebrity is paid the same amount. This will speed the process up and keep egos in check.

Pay Less Now or More Later

You’re going to pay seven figures plus for a celebrity. Sign them early to limit their fee.  It will cost less than waiting until November or December. The agent knows your back is up against the wall then.

Also, don’t wait for others to overpay and set the market for you. Advertisers are not usually familiar with Super Bowl market value and unknowingly overpay.

Use Leverage You Have

Fear and doubt create leverage.

It is risky for a celebrity to pass on your seven figure deal in hopes that another advertiser will make an offer later. Even if a second offer comes, it is risky to assume it will be more.

A celebrity risks being left out, while others they compete with directly are selected and build their popularity.

Don’t underestimate celebrity egos. It’s amazing for anyone to say: “I’ll be in a Super Bowl ad seen by 110 million U.S. citizens plus a worldwide broadcast in 198 countries in 25 languages.”

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What Marketers Should Know About Celebrity Marketing Endorsements


Knowing what is needed upfront for a celebrity endorsement will save you a significant amount of time and money for a successful marketing campaign.

Asking upfront for all services and usages eliminates the risk of not being able to secure them later at a much higher cost.

There are seven areas of celebrity endorsements, often overlooked, that make or break a marketing campaign:

1.Think Through The Entire Campaign

Getting ahead of yourself increases risk and the time your team spends on the celebrity, which is the last thing you need.

Spending a few hours upfront considering everything needed for a great campaign is the most important advice I can give.

2.Ask for All Usages Upfront

What mediums will the campaign utilize? TV? Radio? Print? In-store/POS? Out-of-home? Online/digital (in what forms – client and third party websites? Banner ads and or rich media banners?) Social media channels? PR? Other mediums?

Within the usages above, there are many choices to select and negotiate.

3.Utilize an Experienced Celebrity Negotiator

Abraham Lincoln once said: “He who represents himself has a fool for a client”

Resist the temptation to work directly with a celebrity’s agent or manager. Most marketers don’t have the time or experience to negotiate a celebrity endorsement contract.

4.Use an Attorney With Celebrity Marketing Experience

An attorney with experience in advertising, marketing and branded entertainment will reduce legal fees, time spent and greatly lower the risk of killing the deal.

Celebrity deals die when brand attorneys only have protection in mind and don’t acknowledge see the big picture (what the brand needs to go to market).

5.Pre-Negotiate Celebrity Fee Options

Every deal is different yet your goal should be to negotiate a 10% fee increase for an option to extend the deal an additional year. Options typically fall in the 10-20% range.

Some agents will resist. Be persistent, explain why and push hard to lock in the fee option.

6.Know Which Factors Help Determine Celebrity Cost

Brand category, product, term, territory, services, usages, exclusivity, budget range, the celebrity you want and the creative are major factors determining price.

It’s vital to focus on the total amount of  the celebrity cost, not just the fee. SAG union fees, GLAM squad etc. need to be calculated ahead of time to eliminate surprises.

7.Realistic Social Media and Public Relations Expectations

Understanding where celebrity social media is today is crucial. Quality over quantity. The days of 90 tweets have passed.

Celebrities guard their social reputations carefully. This can be at odds with brands who just want the message out.

Understanding most celebrities limit their number of PR talk show appearances for the same reason they limit their number of tweets: wanting fans to perceive them as believable and credible endorsers.

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